jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Head Soccer Network!

We have just released our first game, that is a Network version of the popular Head sports Soccer games. Currently it is a simplified version as you can not kick the ball, only hit it with your head but what makes it funny is that you can play with other rivals in a local network or in internet.
We're sorry we currently have no rented server you could connect but sometimes we open a i7 powerful computer as a server, to make tests, maybe you could be lucky to join that time?

The game supports only a friendly mode because of its early development but we plan to add lots of features like tournaments, login system, statistics and more, be ready because it is only the start!

Now some pictures

And here some binary executables, plus the source code, for windows and Linux, however in order to play source code version you'll need to install python, pygame, box2d and our modified version of podsixnet. We'll include it in the download. Also remember download contains both server and client versions, so you can play with friends using your own server

2 comentarios:

  1. Nice work! I am a beginner in pygame, thanks for sharing the source code, I am reading it now.

    1. Cool, I hope it help you! Send me any questions here or in my emal! :)